Nathan Forget
Nathan Forget

Nathan Forget (pronounced for-zhay) is a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He works for Kabam making mobile and social games for core gamers.

Before moving to the Bay Area, he lived in Orlando and Miami Beach, where he worked for 360Ed, a maker of educational software for high school students. While there he worked on Spark, a web app that combines the best features of online games, social networks, and digital textbooks to engage students and make teachers’ lives easier. During his time at 360Ed, he also designed and built a 3D game engine, which powers two installments of the Conspiracy Code franchise of educational games, and he helped build Burn Center, a 2D medical training game.

Before he worked at 360Ed, Nathan got his master’s degree from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, a game development program at the University of Central Florida. He got his undergrad degree (a double major in computer science and psychology) from William & Mary in 2005. Between his time at William & Mary and his time at FIEA he worked as a web developer at Trader Publishing Company in Virginia Beach.

Nathan prefers to write his code in C++, Objective-C, Javascript, Lua, or Python, but he has also done professional work in many other programming languages.

Nathan loves games of all kinds, especially strategic board games. His favorite game is Diplomacy because it has an elegant ruleset and infinite replayability. Nathan also loves watching and playing soccer. He reads a lot, mostly fiction. When he’s not writing code or enjoying a good book, he’s often running, taking photos, or cooking.